Green Resource Recycling (GRR LTD)

Do you have Electrical Waste that you need to dispose of? Are you looking for an Approved Electrical Waste Facility in Watford? As one of the few Approved Authorized Treatment Facilities (AATF’s) in the UK, GRR LTD can help. We specialize in re-use and recycling of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). Speak to us today to discuss your Electrical Equipment Waste needs on 01923 677776.

What We Do

In line with Environment Agency guidelines, GRR look to promote and reuse WEEE items. We have our own AATF Facility in Watford where all Electrical Items are assessed and processed. If the electrical items do not pass certain tests they are dismantled. These raw materials will go towards manufacturing of new items. See our WEEE Processing Flow Chart for more details.

Recycling Your WEEE Waste

To recycle you WEEE waste come into our drop-off facility in Watford. You can also call us on 0800 025 7169 or email us at with any enquires

WEEE Services in Watford

GRR Ltd provide a range of WEEE services in Watford and areas of Hertfordshire. These include

  • Onsite WEEE Containers – 240 litre bins in 20ft storage container
  • WEEE Collections – Can offer free collection of certain WEEE items Check and book your collection online
  • WEEE Transportation – Branded vans and trucks
  • WEEE Dropping Off Point – Local facility to dispose of household and commercial WEEE items

We can also dispose of your lead acid batteries and certified data security erasing. For your records we provide a full audit report beginning from the point of collection

Want to know what electrical equipment you can recycle? Find out everything you need to know on our WEEE regulations page

We can provide refurbished electrical and electronic equipment with a guarantee

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