We are often asked a range of questions regarding the services we offer and what type of equipment we can take.

To help our customers we have put together some Frequently Asked Questions

Whats does WEEE stand for?

WEEE is the abbreviation of ‘Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment’ and is a government directive of the disposal of any electrical good whether they are battery or mains run appliances. There are a few exceptions that can not be disposed of under this directive which include:

  • Any medical equipment that has been implanted infected
  • Any type of equipment where the primary purpose does not require electricity
  • Any equipment or goods that have been used for national security or designed for the military
  • Filament light bulbs
  • Any parts of electrical appliances (e.g. part of a vehicle.)

Why was the WEEE Directive put in place?

The waste electrical and electronic equipment directive was put in place to ensure there was a suitable way to recycle electrical equipment when it comes to its end of life and all manufacturers of the products need to be part of the directive.

As part of the directive the manufacturers of the electrical appliances are responsible for advising retailers and consumers how they should dispose of any EEE (Electrical and Electronic Equipment).

Although the manufacturers are there to advise it comes down to the end user of the equipment on how they dispose of their EEE.

If you are unsure of what you can and cannot class as WEEE contact us today.